Introduction to the expanded unit history



The unit history information in this section was collected, compiled, and written by veteran, retired, and active Army soldiers of the 20th Engineer Battalion. Recent


The 20th Engineer Battalion has a rich and colorful history that dates back to the beginning of the American involvement in World War I.  

From England and France in World War I, through French North Africa and Sicily, across Omaha Beach and deep into Europe in World War II, back to Germany during the Berlin Crisis, through the jungles of Vietnam, and the sands of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, fighting fires in Idaho and Montana, and peacekeeping operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the soldiers and officers of the 20th Engineer Regiment and Battalion have gallantly served as one of the proudest units in the United States Army.  

This history is dedicated to those officers and men who have trained, fought, and died as members of the Lumberjack Battalion.