About the Unit History

This section contains extracts from various unit histories found on published sources believed to be public information. Much of what you see on see pages comes from a version last compiled by 1LT Charles Gallion, of HHC, 20th Engineer Battalion (Mech), at Fort Hood.


It is published here under the "Educational Fair Use" provisions of the Copyright Act.


Creating and maintaining a unit history takes a lot of work, and all those who contributed deserve thanks from any who read it.


There is much work to be done to establish a solidly documented unit history. In some cases, the reflections of soliders who served differs from the official records. It is not the purpose of this section to provide an "absolute" version, but to provide general background information.


If you have access to documents that might help fill in blanks, amend, or expand on information found here, please use the site's feedback form to let us know.