Welcome Home

This site is offered as a welcome home for veterans and friends of the 20th Engineer Battalion. It focuses on, but it is not limited to, the battalion’s service in the Republic of Vietnam.

Unit Histories

The focus is on units that served in the Pleiku/Central Highlands area of Vietnam. As such, it includes units that were attached to the 20th during Vietnam and units that might not be currently active.

The 20th Engineer Battalion’s history traces back to 1917, when lumberjacks were gathered to help in World War I.

It stretches across many continents and conflicts to it’s present day Fort Hood and Iraq where the battalion is constituted as the 20th Engineer Battalion (Mech) under the 1st Cavalry Division.

The history was compiled by various members of the 20th over the years, with the version here containing edits for grammar, spelling, and style.

The Book

After more than 30 years, here’s a chance to look back on the faces and places of base camp at Engineer Hill, the dusty environs of Weigt-Davis, and far-flung construction projects.

Hundreds of images from the semi-official photo album of the 20th Engineer Battalion in 1970 in Vietnam. Candid shots, staged shots, and headshots. Mess halls, motor pools, supply rooms, commo, medics, head sheds, and out on the road.

The book was maintained for these many years by Jim Free, formerly of D Company. It has been converted to a Web-based presentation by Ed Gregory, formerly of HHC and the 509th.


This site was created in the fall of 2001. It started with scans of all 115 pages of the semi-official photo album created in 1970. There hundreds of faces and names you might remember, or be trying to remember. There is also a separate gallery containing albums of images collected and shared by individual veterans.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact edgregory@20thengineerbattalion.org

26 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. I served at Weigt Davis from Nov. 1970 to Aug. 1971 until deactivation. Drove a jeep for Cpt. Jones, compound commander. My nickname was Willypete. Wouldn’t want to do it again but wouldn’t trade the experience of it for anything.

    • was in 584th 68-69 just outside of Kontum believe it became weigt davis after I left named after two kia’s we had while I was there. Enjoyed my time there but like you wouldn’t want to do it again. Well maybe if I was 18 again.

      • Hi Bob,
        I was a medic with the 20th in 1968. I spent time in Kontum, Pleiku, Bam Me Tout and on the road between Kontum and Dak To. I would like to connect woth people who were in these areas in 68.
        Have a great day. Hope to hear from you.

        • Arthur
          Was with the 20th Engrs. At Camp Enari from Aug. 67 till May or June of 68 when I was transferred to the 584th Engns. LE. Spent lots of time at Boun Blech SF Camp keeping the bladder covered airstrip open. A238 an A team. Was TDY most of my year, I was in B Company but traveled with A and C Companies lots of the time. Good to hear from you…time erodes our memories as I’m sure you know. You should get on Vietnam Vets Only site on here really a great bunch of guys. Talk to ya later, welcome home.

          • Thanks Bob: This might sound strange, but of the brothers I have corresponded with your name seems the most familiar.

          • Remember bunker where we got water and a guy from the Big Red One…1st Division , used to volunteer for it…all night you’d hear pop pop pop…he’d clear the perimeter every so often with a burst… Convoys would stop for the nite….ass kicking dusters would set up security now and again… Had a short rond land in between hooches once…tore up my tent…bout it…

        • I was at Bon Blech. On the hill with SF and the CIDG camp right below.
          I spent one xmas there and have photo of makeshift tree on tent.

  2. Was at Weigt Davis feb 71 -jul71
    Rode shotgun with Tony on the fuel truck,bogan on the 5ton truck crane,and the heavy crane operator (we slid in the ditch coming down the hill) . Helped at the welding shack with Kelly and clevenger and Pete green.Lots of mortars.

  3. I was a medic with the 20th eng bn 1968. I would appreciate hearing from people who might have served in the Kontum area during this era.

  4. Was in the 584th Enr Co. As Plt Sgt 67′, 35th Landclering team as team leader 68′.

    • mr Bradeen. did you serve with two guys Frank Zimmerman and Randy Marcum At Ben Het where there 3/4 hit a mine I was the one who pulled them from the truck and just recently found out there names after 40 years of searching. II would like to find there location

  5. I was a spc 5 grader operator April 1966 to April 1967. I was at Dong Ba Thin, Nhin Hoa, Cherrio, Phu Tuc and Plieku I was attached to special forces at Phu Tuc for about 5 months and also spent time with the 173 airborne Engineers for a couple of months. If anyone remembers me please contact at my e-mail.

    • Maybe if I could see a photo. I was in many of the area you name during that time. I have many photos.
      I ran an 830 cat 18 yard scraper and moved to Plieku dragon Mt. with the company. I was also at Dong Ba Thin.

  6. I was with the HHC 20th 1970-1971. on a water purification unit at Than Chan near Dak to and from Oct. or Nov. water point at Kontum. Did not see Pleiku much. Went back there in Aug. 2012.

    • Hi Jerrell, I was with HHC 20th in 68 69. as a company clerk. Got to see Pleiku but did not make it to Kontum. I was originally assigned as a dozer operator with the land clearing company, but they needed a new clerk at HHC and I could type. Right place right time.

  7. I was with Company A from October to December 1969 at Ben Het and then HHC as S3 clerk until October 1970. Loved the pictures of all the guys I knew so well. S2 photog Pike and I were good friends, myself into photography too. I’ve got a lot of photos myself of both Ben Het and Pleiku.

    • I was with the 20th from January to December 1970, first as an E-5 field squad leader for 2 months, and then as HHC “construction foreman” for the battalion’s area of operation. I have photos of Jon getting ready to fly his large C-47 model aircraft, and other work-related photos, and photos of the school and orphanage in Pleiku. About 3 weeks ago, I came back from my third visit to Viet Nam since November, and spent 2 months teaching English to the children at the orphanage in Pleiku. Very fulfilling!

  8. I too have photos of that fateful flight of the C-47, with engines borrowed from Pike’s P38 Lightning. Congrats on your good work at the orphanage. Jon

  9. Was in the 20th from 1961 at rivers barracks in Giessen, Germany through December 1964 when the troops were relocated at ft. devens, mass.. If you were around during this time, please contact me. thanks, gordon.

  10. I went back in 2012, Kontum and up north looked totally different. Saw some old Vietnamese friends. Good trip.

  11. Google Earth the Pleiku area. It looks like an outlying suburb of a major city. I could not believe it.

  12. I have been reading articles about Camp Reil-Davis A 20th Engr Bn. Named in honor of SFC Ronald L. Reil and SP4 Clifton A. Davis KIA Sep 21, 1968 in Pleiku. Does anyone had a grid coordinates on this place? Have been researching documents and plotting FSB’s & LZ’s on the 1:50,000 series maps for 32 years and Camp Reil-Davis has never come up in any documents I’ve seen. If I sent the JEPG maps of the area could anyone find the location by looking at the map?

    Don “SGT Snuffy” Smith
    Recon 1/52nd Infantry

    • I was stationed at Weigt-Davis, a combination firebase and engineer compound, with parts of the 20th Engineer Battalion.

      Many times on the Internet, it’s misspelled as Weight-Davis.

  13. I was at Weigh-Davis for a few weeks in 1970, which was south of Pleiku. Rest of the time I was at Than Chan and Kontumn, was with 20th HHC, water purification.

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